This guide will help you get started in Pokemon picking

After installing the game, you will need to choose your first pokemon and give it a nickname. The user has three options: they can use pokemon in the form of a turtle or Charmander. Finally, there is Squirtle. You can customize and create pokemon later on, if you have reached a higher level. At the beginning, you can only choose between these three types of pokemon. You can purchase Pokemon go accounts with different types. Later, you can upgrade your XP and select the pokemon of choice.

Types of pokemon:

You will now be able to see that there are other species available. It all depends on the basic power of the pokemon. There are three options for pokemon in the initial stage. Once you select any one, it will have its own weaknesses. These pokemon have some strength, but also weaknesses. As the pokemon grow, there are evolutions and powers that can be used to enhance their abilities.

How do you build a team?

Building a team to play the game is a must. There are many exotic creatures that you can collect, so you need to build a team from Pokemon go accounts for sale. Reach out to the various places in order to be able to connect with them. To be able to choose the right water type for the game, you will need to identify it. This game relies on multi-player authority.

Learn about fighting in pokemon Go:

Battles are generally considered a minor role in pokemon go. This is primarily for catching pokemon. You will need to collect more candy by using the pokeball. To reach the XP level, you must defeat the species and collect their candy.

Why should gym battles be considered?

It will be obvious that there are many gym battles that can be used to fight the chosen creature. The battle is difficult because so many wild pokemon are reaching out to the area. Tap on the enemy to defeat them. These gyms look like trainers places, each with its own landmark. You will find many icons on the map.

You will need to locate all pokemon in order to seize control of your local gym. For checking your batteries, you will need to turn off AR mode. This game is outdoors and requires you to battle other pokemon in order to capture their candies.