The best pokemon in the pokemon Go game

The game is incomplete without Pokemon. To catch the pokemon, one should be able to identify all of them. You should choose the Pokemon go accounts for sale which offers the most features. This game is technology-based, so the pokemon available on this platform are constantly updated.

This article will cover the different types of pokemon used by players in this game.

  • Moltres

This is one the most popular types of pokemon offered by the game. They are the flying firing type of pokemon and have been known to be very influential in sunny weather. They also have double resistance, making them one of the best options for fighting against bugs and grass enemies.

  • Rampardos

This type of glass cannon gives deadly hits. This is one of the many types of rock pokemon offered by the game. This pokemon is well-known for its hard-hitting attacks.

  • Mamoswine

This pokemon is the ice pokemon. It is well-known for providing counters to various threats such as the salamence, dragonite and garchomp. Mamoswine, a pokemon that is known to have a large power tank, helps him deal with the damage. They can be used as ground sweepers and ice dragon counters.

  • Tyranitar

This pokemon is one of the most rated. This is also the one that offers the best coverage. Tyranitar is slower than other types of peers and can easily fall against other pokemon.

  • Metgross

Metagrass is the only one with this rare blend. It is also known to have strong cp and a defense system. It is an all-rounder that can fight against any of the pokemon in the game.

  • Kyogre

This water pokemon is strong, especially during the rainy season. The hydro pump and waterfall are its best water moves. This pokemon is not versatile enough to make people reconsider choosing this type of pokemon when they play the game.

  • Rayquaza

This has good cp ratings, which favor the attack of pokemon. This makes him one the most skilled flying dragon sweepers in the entire game. It is the dragon tail, and the outrage it has caused that has made the dragon techniques so great for the players.

There are many pokemon in this game. Once the player begins playing, he’ll get a better idea about the Pokemon go accounts for sale. The situation in which the player is at the moment should dictate the type of pokemon he chooses.