Things You Will Listen In The Podcasts Of Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has a podcast show; he is one of the most well-known podcasting personalities and a long-time martial artist. He talks about many different topics from life to business to culture and so much more. You will enjoy Joe Rogan podcast for many reasons, including the pleasant voice of his co-hosts and their insight into any given topic. What people love about them is how they cover such an enormous range of practically endless topics? Here we will describe some major topics you will tend to listen to in the podcasts of Joe Rogan.

  1. MMA and martial arts:

In the podcast of Joe Rogan, you will listen a lot about MMA and other modern martial arts. The most popular topics are weight training, cardio, nutrition, and many more. Joe Rogan is a professional fighter himself, so he has a great deal of knowledge on this topic. He learned by himself and got through his training with elite fighters like Frank Shamrock and Brazilian jiu-jitsu masters Eddie Bravo.

  1. Comedy:

Joe Rogan is not only a famous MMA fighter but also a well-known standup comedian. He is famous for his role as Joe Garrelli and for hosting shows like Fear Factor, making him an icon of his generation. His podcasts are nothing but a great mix of entertainment, education, and humor that makes the listeners feel relaxed after a stressful day in their busy schedule.

  1. Free speech

Joe Rogan is known for often expressing his views on free speech, and some of them can be very controversial. He defends controversial topics like free guns, free drugs, and even free abortion. What is interesting about Joe Rogan is that he is not a fan of censorship. He says and does his own business, and nobody else should interfere but himself. He can say whatever he wants, including some false or exaggerated things to get more likes on his Facebook page or tweets on his Twitter account.

  1. Sport

The podcast of Joe Rogan touches a lot on many different sports, such as MMA, boxing, race cars, cycling, and many others. Even though he is more known as a comedian these days, the podcast is often nothing but an intense debate between him and his co-hosts about the most difficult topic ever – sports. Joe Rogan inspires his listeners with his positive spirits, including that he is a big sports fan and that he was one of the best triathletes in the United States.

  1. Education

The podcasts of Joe Rogan also contain many great educational facts, both interesting and useful to learn. They are often no different from the educational lectures of Mr. Rogan himself, and they contain a great deal of new material on everything related to knowledge, education, culture, and philosophy. Suppose you are interested in new ideas or anything related to the human brain. In that case, you should listen to them, for it will boost your existing knowledge about science in many different ways.