Lemon Cypress: How To Take Proper Care Of It Indoors And Outdoors?

Lemon cypress is the shrub known as the lemon cedar, which is yellowish-green in color. Besides that, such plants offer people the pleasant fragrance of lemon that can be highly refreshing for some people. The best thing is that such a plant requires minor maintenance and has a higher tolerance to seasonal changes.

The scientific name of lemon cypress is the Cupressus macrocarpa; the goldcrest is one of the most common varieties. The buyers are offered two small and smaller sizes that can be grown in the natural habitat outside, as lemon cypress can be 16 feet tall. On the other hand, the dwarf lemon cypress is here for people that serve a better aura at home.

If you are willing to get an indoor plant that can offer you aromatic benefits, dwarf lemon cypress is for you. It serves you with a lemony scent that can enhance the house’s aura, and you will be more positivity and freshness around it. Besides that, specific measures can help you take proper care of it, and some of them are listed below. Take a look: –

Outdoor lemon cypress care measures: –

Multiple people aren’t aware that it is easy to take care of lemon cypress regardless of location. Such a plant has a higher tolerance level that offers buyers with ease of taking care of it. However, you need to get the finest quality and well-draining soil, but it shouldn’t be picky about sandy, loamy, and chalky.

Lemon cypress also accepts neutral, acidic, and alkaline soil, which reduces the hassle for the caretakers. Numerous people are willing to grow lemon cypress in their backyard then; they need to learn what the outdoors requires and the suitable measures to take proper care of it.

They are proficient in thriving in USDA plant hardiness zones from 7 to 10. But it isn’t capable of surviving in the shade, so you need to plant your outdoor lemon cypress plant in the sunny spot. Also, it will be suggested you must not avoid the irrigation that is usually required instantly once you are done with planting.

Houseplant care of lemon cypress: –

If you are planning to get the lemon cypress trees indoors as the houseplants, you need to understand some aspects of it. They are easily compatible with the cooler indoor temperatures, and you need to keep your thermostat in the lower level than 60, which can be 15-16 degrees Celsius, especially during winters.

But the actual hassle of keeping such a plant is that the buyers need to keep it at the spot from where it can have sufficient sunlight. We have described earlier that such a plant can easily stand out in numerous seasonal changes, but it isn’t capable of keeping with the aura of shading.

On the other hand, the buyers need to give them drenching at least once a week. If you avoid doing it, you might notice the appearance of brown needles, and don’t forget to water it whenever the soil is dry.