How technology has changed the way food is delivered

The delivery of meals has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Instead of being limited to Chinese or pizza, customers can order meal kits or pre-portioned meals to be prepared at home. The best meal kit delivery service allows customers to order food on the go, adapting to changing shopping habits.

Technology’s Impact on the Food Industry

Online best meal kit delivery service lets customers browse the menus of various restaurants and place orders to have their meal delivered right to their doorstep. These businesses have partnered up with Google to make it easy for customers to place orders through Google Maps. Customers can place orders ahead of time at fast-food restaurants using their smartphone apps, which allows them to avoid waiting in lines. Domino’s added text, smartwatch and zero-click ordering options to their menu.

Other pizza delivery innovations include delivery vans and vending machines that deliver your pizza directly to your house or business. This reduces delivery times and ensures your order arrives hot and fresh.

Watch out for 2020 Food Delivery Trends

The internet foodservice industry is not limited to providing labor. Parachutes, robots and drones can be used to speed up delivery times and reduce operational costs.


Dominos delivered two pizzas in five minutes to one client in 2016. Drone deliveries reduce traffic congestion and speed up delivery times, which saves corporations money on their operating costs.


Starship Technologies has developed droids that combine AI and self-driving vehicles for food delivery in the UK. These six-wheeled droids can reach speeds up to 4 km/h within a radius of 10 kilometers. The droid also features GPS navigation, cameras and an ethernet connection for consumers.


Customers can wait at the designated drop-off location marked with an “X” and then pick up their meal. This is also known as a floating eatery, which is a unique method of delivering food.

Why are shoppers changing their shopping habits?

Convenience has been a major selling point in the food industry. 60% of consumers in all markets cite speed of delivery as the main factor that makes them happy. This trend is expected to continue in the food sector. Consumers are always looking for new experiences and web apps make it easy to try out new restaurants. Delivery services for meal kits are growing in popularity among couples with limited time and single diners who want to make healthy, fresh meals at home.