A Complete Guide To Pokdeng Chips

In today’s time, pokdeng is the most popular among all card games as it is played with the excitement of gambling. Pokdeng is famous as it provides vast payouts to its players. The essential part of ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ is pokdeng chips. The Pokdeng game is incomplete without pokdeng chipsets.

Pokdeng chips are small round colour discs that represent different values of amount. Pokdeng chips are used as an alternative to real money. These chips are often stored in a secure place by ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ casinos. The pokdeng chips are produced according to various themes and colours that combine particular chips-set.

Composition of pokdeng chipsets

Authentic pokdeng chips are composed of clay. However, the clay used in these coins is not pure, as pure clay is very soft. Secret techniques are used to make special composite mixtures combined with clay. The confidential nature of chips is another advantage used to differentiate the chips from the counterfeiter’s chips. 

Special editions of pokdeng chips are bought from the casinos, while the general pokdeng chips always remain in the casinos. Pokdeng chips used in homes are made of ABS plastics and standard materials. Some of the casinos also use cheaper ceramic chips than authentic chips of clay.

Sets of pokdeng chipsets

We know that pokdeng games are played with a larger sum of money. So, a large number of chipsets are also required to play pokdeng. Standard chipsets usually come up with 300 pieces, while some come up with 500. Some of the stunning chipsets also come up with 1000 pieces.

Pokdeng chips are mostly traded via eBay, and authentic chips are sold for thousands of dollars. The value of pokdeng chipsets is higher as compared to individual pokdeng chips. All members of the Pokdeng chips set are tied together by the design of chips. Pokdeng chips in a chips-set are of the same sizes, appropriate colouration, and same inset. The colouration of pokdeng chips varies according to their value.

Types of Pokdeng chips

Casinos have several pokdeng chips. However, cash and tournament chips are the most common types of pokdeng chips.

  • Cash Chips: Cash chips are also referred to as casino chips. Each cash chip has an equivalent monetary value. Cash chips in casinos are used as an alternative to real money. With these chips’ help, casinos can easily hold different types of games.
  • Tournament Chips: Tournament chips do not have any equivalent monetary value. Tournament chips are used only in the tournaments for which they are specifically designed. So you will see pokdeng players risk hundreds of tournament chips, but they are not equal to hundreds of dollars.

Customized pokdeng chips

If players want to make their pokdeng game more interesting, they can go for custom pokdeng chipsets. Players can customize their pokdeng chips with their names or add their initials to the chipsets.

Many companies offer custom pokdeng chips, so you can choose the company according to your budget. Some companies also offer pokdeng chips that display your country’s currency and useful values.