Rules of Bio Medical Waste Management

Biomedical waste comprises to the treatment of humans and animals through apparatus like syringes, thermometer, and needles.  These wastes were created by laboratories, hospitals, blood banks, nursing homes, etc. This waste is directly effects the environment, so the hospitals need to put the mechanisms to common medical waste treatment. In the hospitals, more than 1000s of patients were servicing in a weak and they generate waste in 10 categories.

 In India, there are 1 to 2 kg waste was generated by per bed in a day in hospitals and in clinics, 600gm in a day by per bed. These disposals were managed by medical waste management. There are many important features, if you want to know then read below:-

Bio Medical Waste Should Keep Separately

The management should careful medical waste should not mix and throw with other waste materials. The bags and container were provided in every room of the patient separately and cleaning should be done every day in every room of the hospitals and nursing homes. If for some reasons the hospitals and clinics store waste for long period of time, then the authorized person should take permission from the authority. They should take measures, which the waste should not affect, the environment. The municipal bodies should continue pick the waste from the area daily.

Is Bio Medical Waste Restricted?

Bio medical comprises all waste; include solid waste and liquid waste from medical activities. It is not restricted to the fixed organizations or any other activity. It also involves dead animal bodies, farms, etc. Mostly, it is generated through the homes, rural areas, medical shops, and airports, etc which is directly affect to the environment.

Separate Rules and Regulations for Bio Medical Waste

Every country has their separate rules and regulations to manage the waste generated by bio medical waste. Waste generated during treatments or diagnosis, chemical waste of human beings and animals’ management should keep their waste separately. It may be harmful for the environment to mix all type of waste together. Sometimes road animals may come in contact with theses harmful waste and get infected.

Is Hospital’s Waste Can Be Recycled or Not?

Most of the countries use contaminated waste products like syringes, cotton, etc by re entering them in the market, sometimes in the same condition or some are in altered form. Some products like cotton can be reuse in making soft toys or ear buds, etc and syringes are re-used by cleaning them and packed in the new packs. It is best to re-use the waste products like bandages, dressing, etc. which is generated through hospitals and clinics considered as soiled waste.


As we all know that, biomedical waste consist waste like organs, needles, broken glass, tissues. Some waste generated through researches, which would properly manage by the authority. Some waste can be harmful for the humans and animals, which can cause infections like hepatitis B & C, HIV, etc. In India, about three million tones medical waste was generated every year, which would managed by the government authority.