You Can Use a 7 Second Video Instead of a Facebook Profile Picture


Yes it’s true, you can now use a seven second video instead of a picture for your Facebook profile.

Only there’s one catch.

For now this feature is enabled for some iPhone users only.

However, even if you do not have an iPhone you can still get a 7 Second Video ready as Facebook will be rolling this feature out to all users in the near future.


Here’s what Facebook told me when I tried to use this new feature on my new Samsung Galaxy S6:

“Facebook profile videos are coming soon. We’re slowly rolling out this new feature, and will notify you when it’s ready.”


To use the feature you can upload a prerecorded video, or take a new video with your phone and use it.

Setting a video as your profile pic seems fairly simple and Wired has step by step instructions on how to set a 7 second video up.

Using This New Facebook Profile Feature Strategically

I discovered this new feature not from Facebook’s newsroom, but by noticing it on someone’s profile.

Since this is a brand new feature of Facebook it will help you gain more attention for your profile and your brand.

Generally speaking, the more attention you can gain for your brand the greater your chances of success are.

So use this strategy if you want more attention for your brand.

The sooner you can implement a video for your Facebook profile the more attention it will help you get.


Will you be using a video instead of a profile pic?  What do you think of this new Facebook feature?

Leave a comment below and let me know. 🙂

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