[Infographic] How to Triple Your Facebook Engagement


To triple your Facebook page engagement you don’t need to spend money on Facebook advertising you simply need to sharpen the Facebook marketing strategies you use.

Last week my friend Neil published a new blog post and infographic about how to increase Facebook engagement by 275% and by taking some of these strategies to the next level you can easily more than triple your Facebook page engagement.

Check out the infographic below for some strategies for getting more Facebook engagement then read my thoughts below for ideas on how to take these strategies to the next level so you can 3x your Facebook engagement.


Taking Your Facebook Page Engagement 3X and Beyond

The most glaring area where it seems to me that the above infographic is lacking is in it’s recommendation to post every other day. In my experience posting less will give you less results, not more.

On average only about 16 – 18% of your audience will see your posts so in order to have the best results you should not only post every day, but post multiple times a day if possible.

Posting once a day or so is fine when you are first starting out because your audience is small and your focus should be more on getting more Facebook likes, but as your Facebook grows to several thousand likes and beyond it is easier to grow by getting your existing audience to likes, share, and comment on your content.

Get Better Engagement With Highly Visual Content

Content combined with graphics takes up more real estate in the news feed and often leads to greater engagement.

The more you can use visual content the more likely you are to get great engagement on your posts.

If you publish custom graphics this can help you get even better results.  When creating custom graphics ensure that they include your logo or a watermarked URL so you can still get traffic if it is shared across the web.

If you are not a designer not to worry: there are plenty of awesome designers willing to work for affordable rates that you can hire on sites like freelancer.

More Awesome Ideas to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

Here are a few more ideas to help you take your Facebook engagement to the next level:

  • Ask Questions More Often
  • Use Fill in The Blank Posts
  • Discover the 3 Words That Double Engagement on Facebook
  • Feature a “Fan of the day” or a “Fan of the week”
  • Share Awesome Content Only
  • Share Each Post to Relevant Groups
  • Tag Relevant People and Pages Whenever Possible
  • Check Your Facebook Page Insights: See When Your Fans are Online Most Often and Schedule Your Posts for Then
  • Schedule Posts a Week in Advance so You Have a Steady Stream of Content
  • Grow an Email List With Your Facebook Page then Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Content with Email
  • Ban People Who Make Foolish Comments or Promote Their Own Page Without Adding Value
  • Respond to all Positive Comments
  • Create “Share for a Share” Relationships with Other Page Owners Whose Pages Have Related Content
  • Rapidly Grow The Strength of Your Audience With the Real Facebook Marketing Services from Spike My Likes

Using the strategies in this new posts and Facebook marketing services from Spike My Likes I have been able to grow my new Facebook page Epic Inspirational Quotes to where we are today with over 65,000 likes in 6 months and hundreds of people engaging with our content and new people joining our page every day.

I strongly recommend Spike My Likes because I have used it for my own page and it has worked very well for me.
There is still time left to claim 150% bonus Facebook likes if you act soon so check the link below and take your Facebook page to the next level! You deserve it.


How do you get more engagement with your content on Facebook? Let us know with a comment below! 🙂

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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