The Ultimate Facebook Productivity Hack


Facebook is an awesomely addictive site.

In fact it’s so addictive that more time is spent on Facebook than any other site on the world, even though more people use Google.

It’s all because of the news feed.  The news feed is powered by an algorithm that is designed to suck you in, show you content most relevant to you, and suck up as much of your time as possible.

That’s why I deem the free Google Chrome plugin I’m about to share with you The Ultimate Facebook Productivity Hack, because it eliminates the time sucking power of the news feed.

The plugin I’m talking about is called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook and it cuts the time you waste on Facebook significantly by eliminating the news feed.

Below is what it looks like in the Google Chrome app store.


News Feed Eradicator saves you time by eliminating distractions by replacing your entire news feed with an inspiring quote.

Below shows what your Facebook will look like with this plugin activated.


This way you can still be “in the know” if someone messages you or comments on one of your posts, without being distracted by the news feed every time you check to see how many likes your latest cat pic is racking up.


What do you think of this Facebook hack?

Do you know of any other cool Facebook productivity tips or tools?

Leave a comment below bro!

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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