The Truth About Fake Facebook Accounts


The truth is there are fake Facebook accounts out there for the sole purpose of liking pages.

According to CNN there are over 83 million fake Facebook accounts.

According to the new video below from Derek Muller (founder of Veritasium) likes bought from Facebook ads are often low quality “fake” accounts, some of which like thousands of pages in order to hide the fact that they are liking pages for profit.

The title of his video is Facebook Fraud and this intentionally controversial title raises questions about the value of buying likes through Facebook.

Derek is clearly trying to stir up controversy with this video so he glosses over some of the benefits of having more Facebook likes.

For example, if your Facebook page has more likes it will get more exposure within Facebook’s graph search and from Google searches.

For this reason and due to the benefits of increased  influence from more Facebook likes I recommend the Facebook marketing services from Spike My Likes.

Another recent video from Derek digs into Facebook again and makes a compelling argument for the benefits of publishing on YouTube.

Here’s that video called The Problem With Facebook.

Derek’s video above has over 1.2 million views so clearly he has stumbled into the realization that tons of people on the internet love to complain about Facebook.

Although I respect the scientific approach that Derek takes to his videos I think he is being intentionally negative and controversial so that people share his content – this is smart because his content is going viral – but this negative stance against Facebook might come back to harm him since Facebook can take down his page if they really want to.

If you’ve watched the two videos above you’ll likely agree that Facebook and YouTube present a great opportunity.

You might also agree that Spike My Likes presents a far better advertising opportunity than buying likes through Facebook for considerably more money.

I recommend that you build your brand on both Facebook and YouTube if you want to achieve maximum growth.

Although getting more Facebook likes is important to maximize your success you should focus on scaling vital metrics like email subscribers and sales if you want to achieve the best ROI possible.

To ensure you are realizing a positive ROI you can set up a conversion tracking pixel on your website.  After implementing this pixel you can re-target visitors to your website who have seen your sales page but have not yet made the decision to buy.

With conversion tracking you can determine your cost per conversion and as long as your profit exceeds your advertising cost you can scale up the traffic you buy and boost the profitability of your campaign.SocialMediaTrainingLab

If you want to discover my most powerful Facebook and YouTube strategies then I recommend you check out The Social Media Training Lab because it literally can help you 10X Your Social Media Success!


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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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