5 Ways To Leverage Your Competitors Facebook Page For Growth


Although Facebook is not as open of a book as Twitter there are still some awesome strategies you can apply to leverage the leg work your competition has already put in and use their Facebook Page to fuel your own growth.

The five Facebook marketing strategies below show you can take a deeper look into your competition on Facebook and then use this new found knowledge to strengthen and grow your own page.  Enjoy!

1. Check out Your Competitors

By simply surfing to the Facebook page of one of your competitors there is plenty you can learn.

By clicking the fan count of a Facebook page you can see some insights into that page like the most popular city and the most popular age group.

At the tip of the blue arrow below is where you click to reveal this information.


And below is what the screen looks like once you click the fan count tab.


You can also access this screen by adding /likes to the end of your Facebook page URL.

2. Model Your Competitors Best Posts

Since the information offered by Facebook about your competition is limited I recommend you use a third party tool like Fanpage Karma.

Fanpage Karma is an awesome Facebook Marketing tool that you can use for free to access a wealth of information about your competition.

To get started with this tool simply enter the URL or username of your page into the “Get free insights” search field.


With this tool you can select the “content” tab reveal a pages top posts, weakest posts, and visualize all posts they have made within the selected time period.


By discovering the top posts of your competition you can easily craft similarly strong content for your own page and get more people talking within your own audience.

3. Advertise to Your Competitors Audience

Using Facebook ads you can target your ads at a competitors fans specifically.

To get best results with this strategy and maximize your CTR customize your ad so it speaks directly to the community you are targeting.

Use a headline like: Attention Fans of ___________

A free alternative to this is to gain new fans by adding value and engaging with the comments they post on your competitions timeline.

4. Connect With Your Competors Most Influential Fans

Another great feature of Fanpage Karma is the influencers tab which reveals a pages top influencers.

The influencers tab can be used to connect with your best fans, and to identify the best fans of your competition so you can convince them to convert into a fan of your brand.

Below is a snap shot of what this feature looks like.


5. Like and Comment on Your Competitors Posts

Another way to tap into your competitors audience is by liking and commenting on their content with your page.

If you are leaving a comment make sure you are adding value and not just being blatantly self promotional.  Self serving comments with no value added will get your comment deleted, and your page banned.


Now that I have discovered Fanpage Karma I can say with complete certainty that I will be using it to rise above my competition on Facebook moving forward.

If you know of any other cool tools or methods for getting powerful information about your competition leave a comment below and let me know!

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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