101 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook


facebook-like-thumbs-up-3dThere are well over forty-two million active Facebook pages so if you want your page to stand out from the crowd you will need to build up your fan base and get more

Facebook fan page likes.

Millions of Facebook owners have a shared desire to grow their fan base and so I realized that there is a common problem here that needs a better solution.  With this guide my goal is to give you the most extensive and detailed guide of Facebook fan getting tips available today.Facebook is constantly evolving and that means there are more reasons to like Facebook than ever.

This guide is for anyone who wants to realize the power of a thriving audience and get more likes on Facebook.

Many of these strategies can be used to get more subscribers and followers on Facebook as well.

This guide took me a ton of time to write so I’d really appreciate it if you share this content with your friends on social media.

Here is a video I recently created to kick things off with 15 Powerful Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook.

The 101 tips to get more Facebook likes in this epic post are broken down into the following 6 chapters.

Chapter 1 – How to Get Free Likes on Facebook


Chapter 1 dives into some innovative ways that you can use Facebook to get more likes for your page without spending any cash.

There are many ways that you can use Facebook to grow your audience without spending a dime, and this chapter simplifies strategies for growing your likes on an ongoing basis.

Chapter 2 – How to Get More Facebook Likes With Your Website


If you are a website owner there are a variety of ways you can use your site to get more likes on Facebook.

In this chapter we cover the most powerful ways to integrate your site with Facebook, so you can grow your page from any platform.

Chapter 3 – Online Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook



This chapter explores some ninja strategies for using the Internet and online communication to get more Facebook likes for your brand page.

The epic strategies shared in this chapter show how can use several several different sites and tools to take your Facebook likes to the next level.

Become a Facebook marketing ninja and use these awesome tactics to convert web surfers from around the net into new members for your Facebook page.

Chapter 4 – Offline Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook


Even though Facebook is online there are plenty of ways to leverage traditional media to get Facebook likes.

From business cards to good old fashioned word of mouth this chapter makes it as easy as possible for you to get the word out about your page and get more Facebook likes at the local level.

Chapter 5 – Using Twitter to Get More Likes on Facebook



Twitter is a powerful platform, so much so that Facebook even tried to buy them a few years back.

Twitter is an open network and this presents an awesome opportunity for Facebook page owners you to tap into Twitter to get more likes on Facebook.

This article shares some of my best Twitter tips for tweeting your way to plenty of likes.

Chapter 6 – Get More Likes with Your Facebook Posts


Facebook posts are arguably the most powerful way to get more likes on Facebook and grow your audience.

Whether you want grow your Facebook page, or simply to get more people talking about your brand, this chapter will help you improve your results.

By exploring different posting and content strategies you can get more likes on your Facebook page and more engagement with the content you share.

Simply put, you can use this guide to help take your Facebook page likes to the next level!

To view the entire guide check out 101 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook.

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