15 Fantastic Facebook Page Management Tips


Facebook pages are powerful platforms that you can use to grow your brand and generate business on Facebook.

But Facebook is an addictive site where getting distracted is easy – that’s why I decided to share the 35 tips below, so you can go on to Facebook and know what you need to do to get great results with your page.

Facebook Page Setup Tips

1.  Choose Your Page Name Carefully

The name of your page is how your fans can find you through Facebook search.

If you have an established brand go with that.

If not do your best to use descriptive words so people who are searching for what you have to offer can find and connect with you.

Use Google’s keyword planner tool for insights into the most searched for keywords related to your page.

2. Pick a Username (AKA a Vanity URL)

A vanity URL isn’t just for the vain: Everyone should have one because it makes it easier for people to keep your page URL in their brain.

Match your vanity URL with your page name if possible.

You can set up yours at: facebook.com/username


3. Add a Compelling Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the largest part of your page that you control and the first thing people see so you should make the most of it.

Choosing to not upload a cover photo is a huge missed opportunity.

I recommend including a call to action and a link in the description of your photo, which will be shown when someone clicks the image.

Below is what I go with for a call to action.


4. Optimize Your About Section

Garin-Kilpatrick-Facebook-About-SectionYour about section is the part of your sidebar that is the closest to the top of the page.

I recommend leveraging this prime real estate by promoting a link to your lead magnet and your website.

5. Promote a Landing Page URL

Promote a landing page URL that promotes a page where you can capture the visitors contact information.

A smart alternative is to promote a sales page URL where you can convert new customers.

6. Create a Content Plan

Create a content plan that includes at least one post for every day in the week ahead.

This is generally a document or spreadsheet with posts that you want to publish.

By creating your content and having it ready ahead of time all you have to do is schedule them to be posted and you’re good!

7. Assign Roles

But if you have a team or at least one person helping out, you need to consider assigning roles.

What you don’t want is a ticked off employee who goes nuts and screws up your page on the way out. You can prevent this.

Allow for various levels of control with Facebook Page admin roles. Check the link below for details.

8. Optimize Your Facebook Page for Google

Make sure that keywords related to the topic of your page are included in your page description and about section.

Also complete the Mission, Awards, and Products, filling these sections with relevant keywords.

Keep in mind what people and choose the words you use based on which keywords get the most search volume, as is revealed by the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

9. Upload a Unique Profile Photo

Your profile photo is what your fans will see every time you post.

Make sure that you make your profile picture is a good one.

Should it be a logo? Sometimes this makes the most sense but faces almost always do better because people connect better with personalities than brands.

10. Use the Call to Action Feature

This feature is a super simple way to increase organic conversions from your page which is why I’m amazed how many people have not yet tapped into this.

Below is an image showing the CTA button on my Facebook page.


If you have a website you want to send traffic, a landing page you want to promote, or a product you want to sell you should use this!

11. Customize Your Page With Powerful Free Facebook Page Appsfree-woobox-facebook-page-apps

Several different companies offer Facebook app solutions.

My favorite free Facebook page app provider is Woobox.

Their free apps can help you integrate Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Custom HTML and more!

Facebook Page Optimization Tips

12. Optimize Your Apps

Make sure the most valuable apps are visible under your cover photo.

There are powerful free Facebook apps you can install to promote your Twitter page, YouTube channel, and more.

The best way to use a Facebook page app is to set up a lead capture app or a sales page app.

Leads lead capture app get you people who are one conversion away from being your customer.

A sales page app can make you money with your Facebook page by activating sales.

You can use a video sales letter, or a written sales letter, I have made money with both methods.

13. Use Your Facebook Page Insights

Facebook Insights are powerful and easy to use.

Use your insights to gain intelligence about your audience and how they behave and interact with your page.


With Facebook Page insights you can discover where your fans are from, when they are on Facebook, what posts of yours they like the best, and more!

14. Set up Notification Settings For Your Facebook Page

By setting up notifications for your page you will know when someone has left a post on your wall, or has sent you a message.

Change notification settings for your Page is easy:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. Click Notifications in the left column
  3. Edit your notification settings

I choose to be notified of all important activity for my page via the notifications menu on Facebook.

Here’s how I have notifications set up on my page.


15. Enable Your Fans to Message You

Enabling the “Message” button for your fans to use means they can easily contact you.

Messaging with your fans is a great opportunity for you to turn the person you are chatting with into a client or a customer.

Here is a pic showing where you can adjust this setting within the General Settings.



What are the Facebook Page best pactices you apply when managing your Facebook page?

Share your Facebook page management tips and tricks below!

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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    Hi Garin….There’s something that escapes me how to actually create…..It’s a “landing page” that maybe I can redirect to a link somewhere…..How would I have one on my Facebook page?

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    Great free info. Thank you

    • Garin September 15, 2015 at 2:07 am #

      You are welcome!

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