10 Facebook Timeline Traffic Tactics


By: Garin Kilpatrick

All businesses on Facebook can benefit from more high quality traffic on Facebook.

Luckily traffic is easy to get, if you know how.

This article shares ten powerful methods for getting more fans, more people clicking on your custom tabs, and more results from your Facebook page!

1. Create Compelling Custom Timeline Tabs

Have a tab you want people to start with? Use a custom tab with the call to action for visitors to “Start Here.”

A cool way to start visitors off is with an opt-in form to get them into your subscriber database. This way you can contact then via email when you have cool content to share or a webinar to promote.

Ideally once you send people to your landing page you can get them to both “like” and join your page, and join your email list as well.

2. Send Traffic to an Optimized Landing Tab

Use bit.ly custom links to shorten long links and send traffic to pages that will help you achieve your key business goals.

On my social media power page I use three tabs at the top of the page to help me get more leads, make more sales and get more recommendations.

The business goals that your custom tabs help you achieve are entirely up to you.

Video training about how to set up a custom Facebook tab is available in the Facebook Power members area for those who want to explore creating custom tabs in greater detail.

3. Pin Content to The Top of Your Page

A feature that makes Timeline pages distinct from profiles is the ability to pin content to the top of the page.

If you pin a link to the top of the page it will get more clicks because of it’s positioning and because of the color of the pin holding it there.

Despite the effectiveness of a pinned piece of content for attracting attention from someone who has surfed to your page you will still get more attention and traffic to a new piece of content you post.


4. For Best Results Use Custom Tabs

Your Timeline page has room for three custom apps “Above the Fold.” To get the best results you should use all three of these.

The three custom apps that I feature at the top of my page link people up with u newsletter, my best selling product and a recommendations app I created.


For me these three apps help me achieve the goals of getting more subscribers, more sales, and more testimonials (which boost my social proof and bolster my reputation as someone who delivers great value).

Recently I created a video showing how I created these three custom apps for free and this video is found in the Social Media Power membership site.

5. Put a Link in Your About Section

Including a link in your about section is a great way to send people to a page that can make you money, like a sales page.
Use a bit.ly short link and you will be able to track how many people click the link you create.

If you use a short link to send traffic to a sales page you can determine your conversion rate by dividing the number of sales by the number of visitors. If two out of fifty people buy (2/50) this is a 4% conversion rate, which is not bad for a static sales page. I have found that sales videos in a launch sequence and live webinars can convert even better than this.

Even based marketing, like limited time launches and live webinars with one time offers, produces more sales because they integrate scarcity into your offer and create urgency for participants to buy!


A selling tool that I have used with success is the Facebook broadcasting tool fbWebinars.

6. Post a Status update with a link to your custom app

Status updates when done right are potentially the most powerful way to generate traffic from your Facebook page.

To get more ideas about how to get more action on your Facebook posts check out this article I wrote about how to get more Facebook page engagement.

7. Share Kick Ass Images

There are plenty of people using Facebook to share so for your content to get the attention it deserves you will need to make it stand out!

A great way to make your content stand out from the crowd is wil awesome images.

I think of my blog and Facebook pages like magazines and I have found that great visuals with sharp commentary is a winning way to get people to engage with and share your content.

Not sure where to find awesome images? There are plenty of places to look. Here are a few ideas:

  • Flickr Creative Commons
  • Deviantart
  • Google

8. Schedule Content to Post During Peak Times

Content that you publish on Facebook during peak times nets far better results and traffic than posts made during slow hours.

You can enhance the results you get by scheduling content ahead of time to post during peak times.

To schedule a status update simply click the clock in the bottom left of the status update box and choose the time you want your content to post.


You can also use an app like Hootsuite to schedule content to post to your Facebook page and several other social media channels simultaneously. This saves the time it would take to post the same content to several channels manually.

9. Use Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are the easiest form of advertising I have ever encountered. They are also very powerful for those who use them to promote.

Promoted posts are just regular posts, with enhanced exposure to the friends of your existing fans.

Although my Social Media Power page currently has just under 1,000 members I was able to reach over 6,700 people with my promoted post, for under $15.


Another cool thing is that this ad was profitable. During this promotion I made a sale of my Facebook Power training, which costs several times the amount I spent for this promotion.

10. Highlight Content on Your Page

Now after you post a status update on your Facebook Timeline page you also have the option to highlight this content.

Highlighting content is very simple to do – simply click the star in the top right corner – and the content will be stretched the full width of the page.

Wider highlighted content will stand out more to anyone who is browsing the content on your page.



What is the most liked thing you ever posted on your Facebook page? Here is ours.

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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