7 Tactful Facebook Targeting Tips


The more directly you can refine to your audience the better your chances are of getting them to respond.

In Facebook’s latest blog post they revealed some new tools for publishers that enables Facebook page owners to hone in on specific segments of their Facebook page.

Despite the powerful nature of these new Facebook features I have seen few pages using them well.

This means you have a great opportunity to emerge as a leader in your niche by using these targeting features to deliver focused messages to your fans.

Here are 8 ideas so you can target your audience and do just that:

1. Target Your Posts Based on Location

Targeting based on location and nation gives you the ability to celebrate national holidays without alienating people elsewhere in the world.

On the 4th of July for example you can wish a happy 4th to all of your American fans, and on July 1st you can say Happy Canada day to your Canadian fans, etc.

You could also use this feature to give your promotional posts better reach to wealthy countries such as Canada, the USA, Australia, Europe, etc.

The graphic below shows this targeting feature when enabled, and also shows how you can layer multiple targeting criteria on top of each other to specifically define the audience you want to see your post.


2. Target Your Posts Based on Age

If you are promoting high priced products and services try targeting an older demographic since older people are generally more able to afford premium prices.

3. Target Your Posts Based on Language

If you have a page with a large language divide you can make the same post in multiple languages and make sure that everyone sees your post in a language they understand.

As your page grows people from around the world will likely join it, even people who do not speak or even understand your language.

By targeting your posts at the people who share a language and cultural similarities as yourself you will give your posts an edge.

Facebook’s algorithm is called EdgeRank and awards attention in the newsfeed to posts that perform the best, using targeting can be the difference between a successful post and crickets.

4. Target Your Posts Based on Gender


One trend that is likely here to stay is woman crush Wednesday (#wcw) and man crush Monday (#mcm).

Tap into this trend by asking all female friends who their man crush is, or ask the dudes who their woman crush is.

Of course women do woman crush Wednesday fairly often too but I’ve never seen a guy friend of mine do a man crush Monday so that’s worth keeping in mind.

5. Target Your Posts Based on Relationship Status

With Christmas around the corner there is an opportunity for you to tap into the holiday gift buying craze.

Speak directly to those looking for gifts for their significant other by targeting everyone who is in a relationship.


Using this feature you can speak directly to those looking to buy a gift for their significant other without alienating the people who are single and might leave your page if you bring out their inner Scrooge by reminding them that they are alone during the holiday season.

6. Target Your Posts Based on Interests

There are many creative ways this feature can be effectively used.

For example you can promote a product to fans of your page who have already expressed an interest in that niche.

In the future I’m going to post about the Social Media Income Lab to people who have “liked” pages like Facebook for Business, Social Media Examiner, etc.


7. Set End Dates for Your Posts

Setting a post end date is a smart way to ensure that your limited time content doesn’t linger longer than it should.

If you have a post promoting an event it doesn’t make sense to keep promoting that event once it is over.

Limited time offers are a powerful way to boost sales and now you can do limited time promos without having to worry about going back to delete your post after the promo is over.



Experiment with using targeted posts for yourself, I’ve found that this strategy can crush it even when you are targeting a much smaller audience.


Have you used Facebook’s new targeting feature?

If so share what you know in a comment below!

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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