25 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Tips


Facebook profiles and pages are like cars.  They work great out of the gate but when you know what are doing you can make modifications, rev up your results and speed past your competition.

The Fantastic Facebook Marketing Tips in this post will help you make the most of your Facebook marketing so check them out and if you enjoy them don’t forget to share this post with your friends! 🙂

1. Change Your Timeline Cover Up

Feature a URL you want to promote within the graphic.

Then promote that link in the Timeline cover description as well.

For best results hold off on including the link to your site until your timeline cover nets some likes since this will give you some viral momentum.

Here’s an example from my Facebook page Epic Inspirational Quotes.


2. Share Stunning Visual Graphics

Post more high quality graphics with positive messages and quotes.

Visuals like quotes and infographics are a great way to get free traffic and engagement for your page.

3. Leverage Email to Grow Your Page

Link to your Facebook page with a call to action for people to join in the footer of your emails.facebook-and-email-3d-logo

4. Turn Likes Into Leads

Implement custom email lead capture apps into your page so you can turn your likes into leads.

I demonstrate how you can implement custom Facebook page apps without having to spend a monthly fee inside of my flagship fbPower Facebook Marketing training.

5. Integrate a Like Button or Like Box Into Your Site

Add a like button for your Facebook page to your website so you can gain new likes for your page from your site with one click.

6. Use Clickable Links in Your YouTube Videos

Connect your YouTube channel to your website and use clickable annotations to send your video viewers to your website and Facebook page.

7. Tweet About Your Page Every Week

Use a social media management tool like HootSuite to schedule one promotional tweet per week about your Facebook page for the next year.

Then put a reminder to in your calendar to do the same thing a year from now.

Don’t just use the same tweet every time.  Mix it up with different calls to action and #hashtags.

8. Create Lists of Business Contacts on Facebook

Go to your Facebook lists management page and create lists relevant to your business.
Some ideas for business lists you can create:
  • Business list for all business contacts
  • A Customers list for all contacts who have bought from you
  • A Prospects list of people who are hot customer or client prospects

9.  Schedule Several Status Updates Ahead of Time

By scheduling status updates you can guarantee that you’ll give yourself a great chance at attention in the news feed of your fans.

You can schedule updates with a third party app like Hootsuite or even directly within your Facebook page.

To choose the date and time for your posts click the clock icon and enter the date and time you want your post to be published.


10. Post More Facebook Milestones

Milestones do a great job of attracting attention in the news feed.

One milestone you can celebrate is every time you hit a likes milestone.

Celebrate and post a milestone when you hit 100 likes, 1,000 likes, 10,000 likes, etc.

Combine the milestone post with a custom graphic or a thank you video for best results.

Here are some other ideas for milestones:

  • When your business or organization was established
  • When new locations were opened
  • When leadership changed
  • When new products were released
  • When you reached a certain number of orders/customers/revenue, etc.
  • When you established important partnerships
  • When you received any awards or recognition
  • When you launched your website or social media presence

11. Tag Relevant People and Pages in Your Updates

One of the most powerful Facebook marketing tips (when used properly) is to tag people more often in the status updates you make.

Tags are a great way to cross promote and benefit from people and pages you are connected with is by tagging them in your updates.

When you tag someone the post automatically goes on the top of their profile, unless they have tag review enabled.

12. Choose Who You Are Visible to On Facebook Chat

We all have some Facebook friends that we don’t always feel like talking to.

Limiting who you show as online to will help you avoid time draining conversations that prevent you from productivity.

Click the gear shaped settings icon in the top right of a Facebook chat button, go to “Advanced Settings” and you can choose to only be visible to certain Facebook friends or lists of friends.


If you have created a list of business contacts you can stay focused on work by only letting your business contact friends see that you are online during working hours.

13. Pin Your Most Important Posts

pinned post is a status update that you manually select to stay at the top of your Timeline. 

Here are some important points about pinned posts:

  • A pinned post will stay at the top of your Timeline for 7 days, unless you unpin it before the 7 days is up.
  • To pin a post, click on the edit pencil icon in the upper-right corner of a status update. A drop-down menu will appear, choose “Pin To Top.”
  • To unpin a post, click on the edit pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the pinned post and you will see the option to unpin the post in the drop-down menu.

Pin posts that help you convert more leads and sales or posts that got great engagement to demonstrate social proof.

14. Ask More Questions

If you have any questions or comments about this post leave a comment below!

15. Do a Caption Contest

Host a caption contest. Get your fans to write the best caption for a funny photo you post.

16. Celebrate Holidays With Your Audience

Wish your audience Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween, and share the celebrations with any other holidays you or your audience observe.

17. Be Active on Your Page

Respond to comments on your posts.

The more engagement there is on your posts the more likely they are to make it into the news feed of your fans.

18. Invite a Guest Host

Ask a celebrity or influencer to take over your Facebook page for an hour or more to interact directly with community members and answer their questions.

19. Share Infographics

Infographics are a great way to pull traffic back to blog posts on your website.

Share a section of an infographic on your Facebook page with some teaser copy and a link back to the entire infographic on your website.

20. Create a Custom Short Link to Your Page

I’ve shared this Facebook marketing tip before but it’s worth sharing again.

I recommend using bit.ly to create your short link.

For example I use the short link bit.ly/Garin to connect people with my Facebook page.

To get stats for any bit.ly link simply add a + to the end of the URL.

21. Publish New Blog Content Automatically

Using the Facebook integrated app RSS Graffiti you can easily automate the publishing of your new blog posts to Facebook.rssgraffiti-facebook-app-logo

This app helps free up your time so you can focus on producing quality content that people will like and share.

The basic version of RSS Graffiti can be used for free and they also offer premium features for those people seeking a more robust solution.

22. Create a Poll

Polls are a great way to get people engaging with your page.

Opinion Polls is a free app you can use and they claim to be the most widely used polls app on Facebook.

Another poll app worth checking out that comes with a free trial is polls for Facebook.

23. Feature a Fan of the Week

Fan of the Week is an app that enables fans to apply to become fan of the week. Other fans can then peer-to-peer vote for who should be selected, and then you can choose the winner manually or let the raw votes decide.

This app is free for 14 days and then you must switch to a paid plan to keep using it.

A free manual alternative is to create a graphic featuring a profile picture one of your most active users and post about them in a status update.

Both methods are effective for getting more people to engage with your page.

24. Get a Custom Username for Your Page

Getting a custom username for your Facebook page can help you rank more easily for keywords you include within your username.

Moreover this will make it easier for people to manually enter your Facebook URL into their browser.

A major drawbacks to this feature is that you cannot change your custom page username more than once after it is set.

So be sure to choose carefully before you set this.

Here is the link to set a custom Facebook page username.

25. Share Awesome Custom Graphics and Graphic Quotes

Inspiring quotes and compelling graphics tend to get great engagement on Facebook.

One way to make the most of this is by creating your own custom graphics.

Using the tool behappy.me you can easily create custom quote graphics within your web browser.

If you agree that compelling content is essential to a vibrant Facebook page I recommend you check out my new Facebook content marketing solution fbEpic.


Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite Facebook marketing tips!


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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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