What to Expect From the Facebook Home App for Android


This time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is out with the new app is called the Home which is being offered initially for few selected Android phones only.

Facebook Home Android App

The new Home App is an operating system like app which entirely changes the look and feel of the Android phones totally.

After the installation of the app your device gets converted into a Facebook phone.

After the installation of the app the main screen of the Android phone on which it is installed making it friendlier for Facebook services.

Facebook’s mission with mobile is clear.We want to build the best experience for every person, on every phone.

Facebook Home changes the way the home screen of phone looks and how the other apps are accessed by the user.

After installing the app users will be able to update their status from the home screen directly.

Coverfeed, is an app within Facebook Home that allows you to see the feeds and updates from your FB account without launching the app or unlocking the screen.

Hands on with the Facebook Home App

As you can see in the video below the Facebook Home App has a fun interface and is easy to navigate.

The “Chat Heads”


Among the major key features of the new Facebook Home app, messaging is one. Without making any changes to the current way of messaging this element of the app is intact. Messaging is at the heart of Facebook home.

Users will see rounded icons to be more specific the “Chat Heads” with the face of the concerned person at the top of every app you are using.

What needs to be done on your part is just to tap at the face of the person, it may sound little weird but am telling you it is the most integrated Chatting app you will have ever witnessed. The new messaging works with both SMS and Facebook.

Chat heads obscure the screen of the app you are using, which make for a fun user interface.

According to Facebook officials the tablet version of the app is being worked on and will be made available in few months.

“People before apps”

Making up with the trend where the software giants are keeping by the philosophy “people before apps.

FB Home is not the first announcement in the genre. For instance Microsoft while launching Windows Phone 7 operating system said that they had focused more on people and less on apps.

Also coming from Facebook is the announcement of a new phone – HTC First. The new phone will have Facebook Home  pre-installed and is being officially announced for sale in US markets already.

Earlier HTC Chacha, launched in early 2011, was also renamed by many as a ‘Facebook phone’ flaunted a dedicated Facebook button and was nowhere near as integrated as Facebook Home.

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