10 Smart Facebook Business Page Tips REVEALED


Since the launch of fbPower I have helped thousands of subscribers and hundreds of members apply Facebook business page tips to build powerful Facebook pages for their brands.

In the process I have found common Facebook marketing mistakes that can harm your results.

This post contains 10 Smart Facebook Business Page Tips I identify the most common Facebook Marketing mistakes and recommend ways to replace them with powerful Facebook success solutions.  Enjoy! 🙂

1. Make Sure Your Page Information is Complete

If your business has a physical location make sure to include that information in your brand page so people who are there in person “check in” and give your business some free promotion.

Also make sure that you include your hours of operation and other vital information like your phone number and preferred contact method.

2. Don’t Violate Cover Photo Guidelines

Your cover photo is the first thing visitors to your page will notice.

This is a large piece of real estate on your page and can be a great opportunity for promotion but make sure your cover photo follows these guidelines set by Facebook.

One of the main guidelines is that cover photos cannot have more than 20% text.

Here is more info from Facebook about timeline cover guidelines.

The standard size for a Facebook cover photo is: 851 x 315


3. Post Rich Content to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is a very visual platform and is the largest photo sharing site in the world.

Share more images and you will get more exposure in the news feed and this will cause more people to share your posts.

High quality content that is easy on the eyes is a good way to go.

Infographics are viral and sharing high quality infographics related to your niche will help you get great engagement on your page.

4. Give Your Page an Edge With Facebook EdgeRank

Discover what EdgeRank is and how it can help your page grow with these 10 Awesome Facebook EdgeRank Tips.

Facebook EdgeRank can make or break the success of your Facebook marketing.

Making the most of Facebook’s EdgeRank so you can gain exposure all comes down to finding the right balance of quality and quantity.


5. Check out Facebook’s Ads Platform

Facebook Advertising has fantastic targeting options and can be a powerful tool for anyone who uses it well.

You can get started with Facebook advertising for as little as $5 and you can even pay for your ads with PayPal.

6. Don’t Use Personal Profile for a Business

Every so often I will get a new friend request from someone who has a business name instead of their actual human name.  This is

Pages now have the ability to message regular users so from a business perspective it is clear that a Facebook Page is the best way to go.


Personal accounts can have a maximum of 5,000 friends and can not be customized with apps.

Facebook pages can have unlimited fans and have virtually limitless customization and marketing potential with custom Facebook page apps.

7. Get Plenty of People Engaging With Your Content

Try and get people commenting on and sharing your posts as well as liking them.

Pro tip: Asking questions is a great way to drive additional comments.

To take your Facebook engagement to the next level check out this post and infographic on how to triple your Facebook engagement.

8. Make Sure Your  Facebook’s Terms

I recommend having a look at Facebook’s Page Guidelines.

The best way to ensure your page is not in violation of Facebook’s terms is to read them over and make sure your page is playing by the rules.

Facebook has suspended and deleted pages in the past for violating these terms so become familiar with them then play by the rules – and win.

9. Give a Damn About Your Fans


Deliver the best content possible for your Facebook fans.

It’s a human trait to be self-interested but if the posts we publish do not keep other peoples interest in mind then others will probably not find them interesting.

Instead of constantly trying to get your audience to buy from you, share cool graphics and quotes that will inspire them.

Helping others is always a smart strategy and a powerful way to do this is by sharing helpful content that will help your fans succeed.

If you can deliver results first for free then some of your fans will want to take the next step and do business with you.

Even just saying thanks when someone shares your content is a great way to build rapport with your audience.

10. Post Consistently

You will get better results if you make posts on a consistent basis.

It easy to schedule several posts at once in advance directly on your Facebook or using an app so that you are already ahead of the game and have content ready to go.

Post at least once a day and this way when someone visits your page and sees that there was a recent post on the timeline your page will feel more alive.

If your page feels alive and happening then new people who discover your page will be more likely to click like and join.

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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    For those who start using Facebook marketing to promote their business, it is important for them to consider these Facebook marketing tips. Thanks for the great post Garin!


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