20 Profitable Facebook Advertising Tips


The Facebook Advertising tips in this article will help you get the most bang for your Facebook advertising buck.

Facebook Advertisements are an influential, strong and affordable opportunity to reach your potential clients and customers.

They not only boost up your selling but also produce profits. They work splendidly both for large organizations and small business, even local solo professionals and freelancers.

However, it may not be as easy to connect with your potential customers as it sounds.

Therefore, to make sure your Facebook advertisement gives you better leads and sales, we bring up top 20 powerful Facebook Advertising tips to enhance your marketing strategy immediately.

Before we get started with my tips I’ll give you the straight goods from Facebook’s Marketing department. They generated the following list of items you should check off before running a Facebook ad:

  • My Page’s profile photo is recognizable in 32×32 size
  • My most important text is captured in the first 90 characters of my ad
  • My video or photo thumbnail is eye-catching and clear. People will be able to recognize it right away
  • The content in my ad is relevant and synonymous to the brand I’m promoting
  • The message in the body of my ad is memorable
  • People will be inspired to tell their friends about the content in my ad
  • People feel rewarded after seeing my ad
  • I’m targeting the right people who I want to see my ad or sponsored story
  • Some people may or may not know about my brand, so it’s important that I create my ad accordingly
  • With “sponsored stories” my latest post will be turned into an ad or sponsored stories

Okay so now that you’ve made sure you’re page can check off those points above here are more points to help you get results with Facebook ads.

Choosing Your Ad Type

There are ads for three main purposes on Facebook:

  • Getting More Fan Page Likes
  • Promoting Your Posts (Promote Page Posts)
  • Driving Traffic to a Landing Page (Advanced Options)


1. Apply Your Effort in the Right Places

Facebook advertisements are not search ads but display ads.

People come to Facebook to connect with friends and not for buying products or services.

So, as an advertiser, your first goal is to utilize your advertisement to produce demand and not fulfill it.

There are three main parameters involved in a Facebook ad – the image, the headline and the body.

The image has the largest impact followed by the headline and then the body.

Around 80% of the impact of a Facebook ad is determined by the image, so be sure to do some research and find images for your ads that really pop.

The next most important element of an ad is the headline and it determines about 15% of the impact and then the body copy has about a 5% impact.

Facebook Advertising Tips: Optimizing Your Ad

2. Choose High Quality Images

Since 80% of the impact is created in the image, make sure you choose the right set of images for your advertisement.


Use striking, eye-catching and crowd-pulling images.

The image to the right caught my attention because of the red border and arrows, however I think this ad could have been more effective if  the guy in it was not wearing sunglasses.

Choosing dull or far away images wouldn’t do the trick; you have to opt for close up pictures that are positive, vibrant and attention-grabbing.

Also, go for images that are comprehensible in its allotted space.

Facebook ad images display at a resolution of 100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall, however you should get images with a higher resolution than this so that your image appears crisp.

3. Know Your Audience

By knowing who your audience is you are able to use Facebook’s robust targeting options to focus on specific groups and create campaigns resonate deeply with the segment you are targeting.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How old is my ideal prospect?
  • Where does my ideal prospect live?
  • What fan pages have my prospects already liked?
  • How can I create my ad so it speaks specifically to my target demographic?
  • What kind of a free offer can I use to capture leads?

The more specific your advertising segment and ad are the more clicks your ad will get.

An important thing to remember about Facebook advertising is the better your click through rate (CTR) is, the cheaper your clicks will be!


4. Target Accurately

You know your target audiences, don’t you?

So, make use of the opportunity mostly to reach in particular who you want.

Select your target audiences correctly. Opt for the “precise interest options” to get connected with people who share a specific interest analogous to your brand.

Plus, you can even target fans of Facebook pages that have a fan base that is associated with your product.

5. Expand Your Base

Promote your post so that it stays longer and lives longer in the feeds of all your fans.

What’s more, it reaches the friends of your fans and all your non-fans.

Promoting is very vital because not all your prospects are your fans yet.

6. Focus on Keywords

While making images make sure you have target keywords that enhances your visibility and appearance.

Make use of the related words as close as possible. It will give you an edge against your competitors and rivals.

7. Split Test Your Ads

Take advantage of the full Facebook Power Editor to easily duplicate your Facebook ads and test variations of your original ad.


Test variations with different pictures, headlines, and body copy.  After a hundred clicks to each ad drop the ad with the lower CTR and create a new ad to go up against the “control.”

8. Target CTR

Facebook ads are display ads and not search ads like Google ads, so the average CTR (Click through Rate) percentage of Facebook ads is only 0.1% as compared to Google’s 1%.

So, make sure you target CTR and not just focus only on CPC (Cost per Click) because the higher the CTR’s the lower will be you pay on CPC, making it more and more affordable.

9. Set an Affordable Daily Budget

Set a daily budget that won’t break your budget even if you max it out every day.

Bid a few cents higher than the lowest “recommended bid” and continually strive to improve your ads and CTR over time.

I find a daily budget of at least $10 is a good place to start from, then once you determine that your campaign is profitable you can scale up your budget.

10. Know the Best Time to Run Your Adsfacebook-advertising-tips

Many people check Facebook during working hours so make sure your ads are running during active hours for best results.

Make sure your update is going out during peak hours.  The best hours for you to post depend on:

  • The time zone of your fans (for promoted & sponsored posts)
  • The time zone of the demographic you are targeting (for display ads & sponsored posts)

11. Create and Test Multiple Versions

Generate various different versions of the same advertisement with slight minor changes in the design pattern and text matter.

Once you are set, test each of the ads for a specific amount of time. This will help you to test which of the advertisements are creating more impact and reaching the target audiences significantly.

12. Run Your Ads for the Right Amount of Time

Don’t just remove the ad if you feel it is not performing.

Eventually Facebook ads will experience “Ad Fatigue” and start to experience a declining CTR since many people will have already seen your ad.

Continually assess the ROI (Return on Investment) of your ad so that you can remove or revise it before it starts to really cost you.

Watch your CTR and when it starts to dip, it is time to change your ad up!

If you are doing a promoted post try to post at least once daily to keep your promoted post fresh.

13. Use Low-Friction Conversion

While Facebook ads drive the person straight to your website, make sure that you use a single call to action on your landing page.

You will be able to convert the most people possible if you have a single, clear, call to action.

14. Drive Traffic to an Optimized Landing Page

Drive the traffic from your Facebook ads to capture leads.

Make sure the ad directly leads to your website page that tells the potential customer what to do next.

You will be literally throwing your money in a trash can if you do not have a converting landing page to direct the targeted Facebook traffic.

15. Do Not Send Traffic Straight to a Sales Page

Get your prospects to sign up for your newsletter and offer some valuable content for free before you bring up your offer.

If you give your prospects free help and results in advance they will be much more inclined to make a purchase from you when you present them with a relevant offer.

Successful digital marketing takes a bit of patience to get the best results.  If you continually barrage your audience with sales pitches you will come across as desperate and fewer people will want to do business with you.

The fortune is in the follow up and if you follow up regularly and build trust with your audience you will make more sales.

16. Keep Track of Your Performance

Use tools like Google Analytics to keep a track of your performance on a regular basis.

Make sure your advertisements are creating interest and not burning out.

Keep on changing your ads in every six months with new images, headlines and exciting offers.

17. Have one Clear Call to Action on Your Landing Page

A comprehensible call to action must be established in the Facebook advertisement itself and also on the landing website page.

For instance, you can add text illustrations that encourage people to “click here” and take action.

Graphic calls to action work great as well.

Your logo, images and headlines can also have direct calls to action.


18. Know How to Track and Calculate ROI

To calculate your ROI, you need 5 things, the total number of impressions, the total cost of Facebook ads, the click rates or the response rate, Conversion Rate (you can get it from Google Analytics) and Average profit per sale.

What you need to find out is how much you are paying to get each sale.

Once you know this you can determine your profitability so you can decide if it makes sense to scale your campaign.

19. Keep Your Landing Page Within Facebook

If you create a custom landing page within Facebook this will make your ads cheaper than if you send that traffic elsewhere on the web.

An added bonus of keeping your traffic within Facebook is that you can pick up “likes” for your page and still achieve conversion goals like a lead or a sale.

If you want to include a long copy sales letter within a custom Facebook app one of your Facebook pages you can since there are no page height restrictions for custom Facebook apps.

Woobox is the free and reliable landing page host & application I use to develop all of my Facebook landing pages.


20. Improve and Repeat

Don’t be disappointed if your ads get disapproved.  Make a change and try again.

At Facebook multiple employees manage the same ads customers so if your ad is not approved at first then a change and a re-submission often does the trick to get your ad approved!

Create 2 different landing pages and split test them against each other.  See which landing page nets more conversions and then change up the under-performing page.

Testing pages and ads against each other and continually making improvements will continually improve your profit margin.

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Follow the powerful Facebook advertising tips above and convert your Facebook ad traffic into more likes, leads, and sales!

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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  1. An Nguyen February 28, 2017 at 2:07 pm #

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    Awesome guide indeed.. 🙂

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    Lots of useful info, I often neglect targeting audience, i guess i have wasted lots of click. Thanks again for your great post.

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    Great advice as always, thanks Garin. 🙂

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    Namaste Garin!

    Thank you for sharing the comprehensive strategies for Facebook ad creation. I agree with the points you suggested, mainly the point about ROI and daily budget is highly important and explained well. Do you think that the ad saturates in one or two weeks?
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