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Recently I stumbled across the Facebook marketing infographic I’m about to share with you and unlike most Facebook infographics out there I found it compelling enough to share.

The infographic is called Do this, Not that! And although it makes some good points there are some strategies that can be modified for even better results.

I’ll start by sharing the infographic below then I’ll follow it up with my take on the points it makes.

Here is the Facebook marketing infographic:


Here are the most important points, and the points that I think need correcting:

Do this: Follow the 80/20 Rule. 80% of your posts should be social and 20% of your posts should pertain to your products and services.

Not That: Sell, sell, sell. Constantly posting promotions.

My take: I agree that it’s best to take a social approach and not sell, sell, sell, however there are two things wrong with this dichotomy.

First I think that 1o0% of posts should be social, not 80%, and even promotional posts should add value.

Second I think sell, sell, selling should not be thought of as a bad thing.  Selling is not evil at all and without sales a business will die.

The key is to lead with value before you promote anything for sales.

The ads on this blog are sell, sell, selling all the time and without them I could not pay my hosting bill or afford to invest time into posting on Facebook.

Selling should only be considered a bad thing when a business is promoting a shady product or service that does not deliver on its promises.

I am on board with the second point about responding fast and not ignoring your audience so let’s move onto the next point.

Do this: Keep your posts under 80 characters. 

Not That: Write a lengthy post.

My take: Long posts can absolutely crush it but the key is to not get too carried away, and keep your copy spaced out.

No one likes reading a thick chunk of text so space your sentences out and as long as you are saying something worth reading your lengthy posts can still light up Facebook with likes.

This is backed up by data from social media scientist Dan Zarrella in the infographic below.


The next point that you should ask questions and not write fake comments I agree with.

But the final “do this, not that” is yet another point I disagree with. 🙂

Do this: Post no more than 1-4 times a week, 1-2 times a day.

Not That: Clutter the newsfeed.

My Take: Although I do agree that it’s important not to bleed the feed and post several things one after another I disagree that you should post no more than 1-4 times a week.

To stay competitive you should have at least one post per day and as a Facebook page grows it makes sense to post multiple times per day if you want your page to grow.


Don’t believe everything you read just because someone paid a designer to put it into a fancy infographic.

Just because a point looks snazzy doesn’t make it true.

Every Facebook page and audience is unique so experiment with different content types, lengths, and frequencies and find a rhythm that resonates with your community.

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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