Should You Buy Facebook Likes? Here Is The Truth.


Should you buy Facebook Likes and Fans?

The answer is both YES and NO.  Say what? Ok, let me explain.

OK…here is the simple truth about buying Facebook likes.  When you buy Facebook likes most of the “fans” will actually be dummy accounts or bots.  Not “REAL” fans that will engage with your Facebook page, buy your products or ask about your services.

However, having a Facebook page with 10,000+ likes does give your business instant street credit in the land of Facebook surfers.  When someone is scrolling through Facebook, or you promote an ad that shows up in their news feed, you will have instant credibility vs. a business with 100 fans.

Since Facebook users don’t “know” who your fans are they just see that you have a large following so you must offer something of value.  When this happens, the chances are much greater that they will also like your page and want to learn more about your products/services.

Over the last 7 years, I have built a Facebook page with 4 million fans (  When I first launched this page, I “purchased” 21,000 fans from Spike My Likes.  Once I had 21,000+ fans, my page had street credit which made it much easier for me to attract more fans.

I knew when I bought the 21,000 Facebook likes that I would never hear from them or engage with them but that was not my intention.  My goal in buying Facebook likes was to jump start my page and it worked like a charm!


Here is a screen shot of my Facebook insights for this page.


Now this page organically grows by 6000-8000 new fans each week and we reach nearly 30 million people per month.  With a traffic machine this big, I am making $30K+ per month as a media business sharing partner content.  For me, buying Facebook likes was a great move that got the ball rolling.

Once I had some social credibility, I used a wide variety of techniques to continue growing my page.  Here is another article I wrote that shares 101 Ways To Get More Likes on Facebook.

I realize there are different arguments to the question “should you buy Facebook likes”.  I understand both sides.  I believe that if you goal is to jump start your page then buying Facebook likes is a very good idea and I highly recommend Spike My Likes because their service worked very well for me.  🙂

With 4 million Facebook fans and counting, I am very glad that I decided to buy Facebook likes.  Even if they were mostly bots!


Jump start your Facebook page today!

Please let me know if you have had any experience with buying Facebook likes and what you learned from it.


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  1. Calvin February 11, 2018 at 3:02 pm #

    is this also included in SEO?

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