Brace Yourself, Facebook Changes are Coming


facebook-graph-searchDon’t get too comfortable with your Facebook business page.

Two significant Facebook changes were recently announced that may feel more like overhauls to their whole platform: Graph Search and the New News Feed.

Whether you’re on Facebook for personal use or manage multiple business pages, these changes are going to alter the Facebook experience and require some adjusting.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your page for these coming changes.

First up: Facebook Graph Search.


Graph Search, in a nutshell, will allow you to search for people, pages, places, apps, etc. based on likes.

For example, you will be able to search for “restaurants my friends like in Toronto” or “local businesses with over 1,000 ‘likes’.”

Graph Search is based heavily on local search rather than brand pages for recommendations, which means small businesses with well-optimized pages will in many cases be given an equal voice as big brand names.

Take a moment to look over your page to better optimize your page for Facebook Graph Search with these simple pointers:

Optimize Your Page for Graph Search:

1. Optimize for Keywords

Do your best to naturally include keywords that people will be searching for.

2. Double-check Your “likes”  

Make sure that you are promoting relevant pages.

Graph search will make it easier for people to see what you like, so be aware of the pages you like with your page.

3. Have multiple locations? Create multiple pages.facebook-location-logo

For every physical location your business has you should create a corresponding Facebook page.

Graph search will make it easy for people to search by location so create an optimized page for every location you have.

4. Encourage People to “Check-in”

If your business has a physical location encourage your customers to “Check-in.”

If many people have “checked in” to your location this will encourage people who find your business through graph search to check out your business as well.

Next, we take a look at the NEW News Feed.

According to Facebook, the new news feed is designed to help reduce clutter with the following changes:

  1. Greater emphasis on visual stories.
  2. More control over what you see in your News Feed.
  3. Consistent visual treatment for web, mobile, and tablet devices.


Facebook is placing a greater value on visuals, a trend that is present in many websites across the net.

We like to call this the “Pinterest effect”. Visuals, titles, and article summaries will be more prominently featured and the meta tags will be editable.

So if you don’t have a visual content strategy in place already, now is the time to develop one.

The new News Feed controls will allow users to choose from seven possible feeds;

  • Most Recent
  • All Friends
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Following
  • Games
  • Groups

My guess is that most users will be utilizing the first three controls.

This approach will probably mean a much lower reach for brands for most businesses, unless they get very creative.

Really, how many brands or small businesses are going to have their posts show up in the Music or Games feed?

With these major changes, we speculate that the feed customization will be a catalyst for a much more creative Facebook strategy for companies.

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