5 High Leverage Ways to Get MASSIVE Results on Facebook


Facebook is a place where you can either get massive results for your business or waste massive amounts of time spinning your wheels.

This post is here to help you do more of what really works.

Check out the 5 High Leverage Ways to Get MASSIVE Results on Facebook below and if you agree that they work I’d appreciate it if you “like” this post and share it with your friends. 🙂

1. Add A Like Button To Your Website

If I could only give people one tip for getting more Facebook page likes this would be it.

Of course the results you will get from your Facebook like button depend on your website traffic, but as long as you have a steady stream or traffic this tactic can bring you a steady stream of new likes for your page.

There are a few different styles of like button that you can add to your page.

There is the standard like box featuring pictures of you friends faces that you have certainly seen, but personally I don’t like this one since seeing a friends face might distract you and cause you to click to their profile rather than click the like button.

I prefer the style of button you can find in the top right of this site since it has no leakage links and only offers the option to like or click through to the Facebook page.

Below is an image of Facebook like box builder where you can create your own Like box like the one shown below.


2. Start Two Facebook Pages in Any Niche You Operate In

This is a ninja trick that not many people are using, but seems to be crushing it for those that are.

Basically Facebook gives greater weight to posts that have been shared by multiple sources.

Proper to Glen from ViperChill (who has the same birthday as me) for sharing the example below.


Car Throttle also owns the page Car memes and use both to capture more of the valuable space inside the Facebook news feed.

CarThrottle.com is a site that enjoys almost 10 million visits a month and 72.3% of that is from social. The two page sharing strategy is certainly paying off for them and worth paying attention to.

For this tactic to work you need to have two unique pages, and use a unique descriptions for each post.

The only thing that should remain the same is the link you are  sharing.

3. Join Relevant Facebook Groups With Over 5,000 Members

After you share your fresh content to both of your Facebook pages you can give it wings by then sharing it to relevant groups with over 5,000 members.

The key here is to keep the quality of the content you share high so your content is not removed by group admins.facebook-groups

The idea here is to get the ball rolling with engagement on your posts by being the first to engage.

Because from my experience and experiments posts that are shared once or twice are much more likely to be shared several times more than posts that are simply dropped and left to fly or die.

The hardest share to get is the first share so give your quality posts the best chance at success by being the first to share them, and doing so with large and relevant groups.

4. Promote Your Facebook Page on Other Social Media Sites

Pretty basic tip here, but one that can really pay off for you over time.

On Twitter you have 160 characters in your description and you can feature clickable links here.

Here is an example from Unlimited Dating Success of how you can promote your Facebook page in your Twitter bio.


Of course you can and should promote your Facebook page on all other social media sites you are active on as well, such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ to name just a few.

5. Make Sure The Content You Share is Exceptional

Posting average content will get you average results.

Video is not the heavyweight champion of the content marketing world.

Video content on Facebook is shared twice as often as articles or image based content.be-exceptional

Sharing quality videos is on Facebook is a great way to get massive results, but that doesnt mean you can’t crush it with image or even plain text based posts.

The key is to go above and beyond.  Asking questions is a great way to get people to engage.

Include a call to action for people to like and share your post.

Take a few minutes to jazz up your post to make sure it is extra compelling and more often than not the extra effort will pay off.

The main take away here is if you put a bit of extra effort you will be doing more than most people do and this will typically net you much better results.


I hope you enjoyed these 5 ways to Get MASSIVE Results on Facebook.

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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