5 Ways to 10X Your Facebook Success


“Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.”~Grant Cardone

If you improve your Facebook success this year the results this can have on your bottom line and life are profound.

For you to 10X your Facebook success you need to start by thinking big.

Big thinking leads to the bold thoughts needed to get great results.

Below are five ways you can 10X Your Facebook Results if you are willing to take action and make it happen!

1. Focus on Above the Fold

Your Timeline cover and Facebook apps are more visible than any other part of your Facebook page since they are above the fold.

Here are a few ideas for optimizing these opportunities.

Timeline Cover Optimization:

  • Include a Link to a Squeeze Page in Your Timeline Cover Description
  • Include a Graphic In Your Timeline Cover Showing Off Your Lead Magnet (Like an eBook)

Facebook Page App Optimization:

  • Use Custom Graphics to Attract Clicks
  • Integrate Compelling Calls to Action and Headlines to Get More Clicks

2. Post 10X as Much

If you already post many times a day this tip is not for you.

But if you only post once or twice a day getting more content out there can be a significant help when growing your page.

Sharing your posts to relevant groups is one strategy you can use to increase your Facebook reach so you can get 10X (or more) your exposure.

Reach of Facebook page posts has decreased but by increasing your frequency of posting you can get more engagement with your audience and this will lead to more traffic and sales for your business!

3. Add a Like Box and Like Buttons

Like boxes and/or buttons are the most effective way to get someone to join your page.

Like buttons are a great way to get more fans and in some instances I have gotten in excess of a hundred new likes a day from a Facebook like box!

Implementing a Like Box (or button) is easy.

First follow this link: Facebook Like Box.


The easiest way to implement this plugin is with an iFrame since it is just one block of code but if you want the widest device compatibility use the HTML 5 code.

4. Use a Lightbox

The power of a lightbox cannot be underestimated.

With a lightbox you can increase the number of Facebook fans you capture from your website by 10X or more.

If you own a self-hosted WordPress blog you can implement the free Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.

5. Invest 10X More Into Your Facebook Success

The more you invest into your Facebook marketing the more invested you become into making your page a success.

The reach of Facebook page posts has decreased significantly and on way to get around this is to advertise.

Before you advertise I recommend you invest plenty of time into crafting a quality sales letter that converts so that you can create a profitable ad campaign by earning more than you spend on the ad.

You can determine your ads are profitable is by using conversion tracking within the Facebook power editor so that you can determine your cost per conversion and the profitability of your ad.

If your sales funnel is profitable you can reinvest your profits and scale up your campaign and profitability by sending more traffic through your sales funnel!

If you want an affordable and effective Facebook advertising solution I recommend Spike My Likes.


What are you doing to 10X your Facebook marketing? Let me know with a comment below!

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Garin Kilpatrick is an Internet business developer and social media strategist. I also write about awesome marketing strategies at Marketing Strategy X.

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