10 Ways to Get Better Results With Your Facebook Campaign


How to get better results with your Facebook campaign!

With more people sharing more content on Facebook than ever before being able to run a successful campaign is more important than ever.

Check out the post below and discover 10 ways to get better results with your Facebook campaign.

1. Start With Plenty of Research

It might sound obvious, but if you still haven’t put into practice the habit to collect and analyze the information regarding the topic of your interest first, then it might be just about time to start doing it.10-ways-to-get-better-results-with-your-facebook-campaign

I know that some individuals with good “practical skills” might be somewhat skeptical about this, but believe me, the research part is as much important as building creatives (if not more).

In order to dismiss any doubts, I would like to explain what I mean by “research.”

Research is about getting more information and becoming an expert in this field.

Research your competitors, what type of ads in your industry does your audience see, which creatives work more in that region or what are the most successful stories in your industry and region.

2. Specify Your Goals and Audience

In order to get desired results it is crucial to know why are you doing this and for whom.

Sounds obvious, but often people start doing campaigns and then have no idea if it is effective enough or not.10-ways-to-get-better-results-with-your-facebook-campaign

So set yourself goals before you start.  It is always a good idea to have a clear vision of what you are going to do.

Knowing your goals will help you to evaluate how much money you are ready to invest and how you will know that you are succeeding.

As we are talking about the effectiveness of your efforts, the second important part is to specify your target audience.

Again, it is not that difficult, but exactly because of that many people think they do not need to do it.

The better you identify your target audience the better results you will get. There is no point to try to target everyone.

The more specifically you can define your audience and then craft your content to speak to that audience the more effective your campaign will be!

3. Apply Psychology

Psychology is a powerful thing, especially for marketers.

When you use some psychological techniques in your campaign your campaign will be far more effective than if you just slap something together and hope it works.10-ways-to-get-better-results-with-your-facebook-campaign

The six pillars of influence as explained by Robert Cialdini in his book influence are:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment and Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity

4. Use Facebook Ad Optimization Tools

Forget about organic reach.

Although it seems very attractive to get results without paying for them Facebook has adjusted their algorithm in such a way that it is very difficult to get great results without investing in ads.

Luckily there are many new Facebook ad innovations, like retargeting and custom audiences, that make it easy to maximize your ad spend ROI.

More scalable results can be achieved through paid advertising, whereas organic reach is limited to your audience and their engagement.

5. Remember the 4 Facebook Ad Pillars: Visual, relevant, engaging, timely.


Using visuals brings two benefits for you.

The first one is that people tend to notice and engage with pictures more than with text, or with videos, more than with pictures etc.

The second one is about Facebook’s Edge Rank. Maybe you have already heard that Facebook uses a special algorithm, which chooses which posts are going to be shown to which people.

While it is impossible to trick the algorithm, you can try to adjust to its requirements. Being visual is one of them.10-ways-to-get-better-results-with-your-facebook-campaign

If you want to discover more about Facebook EdgeRank check out these Facebook EdgeRank Tips.


Your posts should be written about your area of interest (your business) and related matters.

For example, if you are online bouquet shop, you can post about different types of flowers, their meaning in different countries, superstitions about flowers, some interesting facts about them etc.

You should be creative here, but don’t go on tangents too much.


This one means that you should not only make your posts interesting, but also it often makes sense to ask your readers some follow up questions, so they start interacting with your post.


Your content should be always up-to-date. Follow the latest news and trends in your industry and your followers will stay engaged with your Page.

6. Brevity is The Soul of Witwilliam-shakespeare

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” ~William Shakespeare

Posts will less than 250 characters typically get better engagement results than those with more than 250 characters.

Be short and stay smart with your content.

Focus and be as precise as possible.

7. Testing

It is always a good idea to test which ad combination gives you the best results.

Try different pictures, text, headlines to different target groups and find out which combination performs better.

8. Use Different Ad Sets for Desktop and Mobile Users

Using different desktop and mobile ads is crucial both for your budget and your ROI.

For example if you are sending traffic to a video and the video player you are using will display on desktops only then you will be wasting your money on mobile if you do not exclude it.

The same is true if the site you are sending traffic to renders terrible on a mobile device.

Make sure to test your landing pages on mobile devices before you pay for mobile ads to ensure you are not wasting your ad spend.10-ways-to-get-better-results-with-your-facebook-campaign

9. Add a Call-To-Action

Using this type of marketing techniques provokes audience to respond immediately to your post and take a desired action.

If you use this technique well you will get more loyal customers and make more sales (if sales is your end goal).

10. Track and Optimize Your Results

Tracking your marketing results is essential for measuring the effectiveness of your efforts.

If it doesn’t give you the desired actions or perform as well as you wanted it to, you should modify your campaign or your approach.

Constantly run multiple campaigns so you can find what works best.

Keep the winning campaigns that get the most clicks, and kill the losing campaigns fast.


Leave a comment below and let us know what you do to get better results with your Facebook campaign!

About the author

Anastasiia Bondarenko is a client happiness assistant from Catvertiser.

Catvertiser is a special tool, which integrates the simplicity, automation and optimization for your Facebook advertising campaigns. This self-service SaaS platform allows you to create, run and optimize advertising campaigns on Facebook.

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